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"Elements of Life: Through the Lens of Carrie Yonley" is a diverse collection of photographs documenting North American nature in its wild beauty with a nod to its 'taming' by humans. The photographs, taken by Yonley over the course of her adult life, are a reflection of the photographer's upbringing in a conservation-minded family, her personal passion for this country's incredible natural beauty, a sensibility toward human influence on the natural world through the lens of her 40-year career as a chemical engineer and the need for environmental balance.
This collection is divided into five sections: Nature's Grandeur, Moods of Nature, Nature's Brilliant Colors, Exploring the Details and Touch of Mankind. Each explores a different facet of Yonley's photographic perceptions.
Reader feedback from both men and women has been brightly positive, from those who fondly recognized sites in national parks and found familiar landscapes "meaningful", to a woman who wrote to say her mother with Alzheimer's could not put the book down. Responders have declared it "inspiring", "a true gem" and "a wonderful reflection of photographic life". They have shared it with family members young and old and have ordered additional copies as gifts.

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