Fine Art Photography
. . . . . . . . by Carrie Yonley

Carrie is a Mid-Missouri photographer that is known for sharing her vision of nature’s beauty and man’s creations through her images. As an avid photographer and lover of the outdoors, she has recorded the natural world around her for decades. In her day-to-day life, and during her widespread travels and adventures, Carrie has produced an extensive library of images from across America, capturing the spirit of the moment - of the light - of the texture, of the mood. In her portfolio, she showcases the diversity of our land – landscapes from the intimate to the panoramic, delicate Ozarkian flora, majestic images of the West, and abstractions of color and light. In addition to her nature images, one of Carrie's hallmarks is portraying dramatic cityscapes and the character of American cities and towns.

With her also life-long career as an engineer in the environmental field, one of Carrie’s goals is to share her images to communicate a message about each of our roles in living sustainably; balancing our (individually and collectively) use of natural resources versus those needed into the future, and the associated environjmental impacts. Carrie’s images are presented to inspire each of us to continue to learn and grow in our individual conservation efforts.

Carrie has been recognized in juried competitions. Her images are exhibited
locally in mid-Missouri, and they have been published in coffee table books of cities across America. Carrie's images make a timeless gift and décor for home or office, and are used for business literature and exhibits. Her fine art greeting card line is a way to share or keep favorite images.